CDA Systems Ltd. has served as an electronics solution provider for the past 15 years, primarily serving automotive and industrial markets.  CDA started as a service provider, designing and manufacturing high-tech custom solutions for production and quality control testing for automotive manufacturers.  As the company has grown and become more diverse, so has its client base.

CDA now offers a few 'standard products' of its own, primarily serving the industrial automation client base. 

CDA's design services include complete product development from concept to production. This includes conceptual design, circuit development, printed circuit design/fabrication, assembly, firmware, and test services. Our team of engineers and technical specialists have proven expertise in analog design, microprocessor and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) design and interface, programmable logic, as well as real-time and multi-tasking software development.

members of the
Industrial Test/Measurement/Control  
  • Speed sensors
  • Device Parameter Identification
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Digital and Analog machine control
  • Signal converters and transmitters
  • Noise/Vibration analysis
Analog Interface
  • Precision signal measurement/delivery systems
  • Signal Conditioning, Active Filter Design
  • Switching/Multiplexing networks
  • Precision Voltage/current sources and amplifiers- analog and/or digitally controlled
DSP and micro-controller hardware based designs
Software/Firmware, Real-time
Low voltage, Low power designs, Circuit miniaturization

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