Some of CDA’s design engineers have strong backgrounds in audio and acoustics. The company’s president has previous design experience for professional audio companies such as Bose. The company has also designed several successful sound&vibration related test systems for the automotive industry. Included below are a few of CDA’s recent audio related success stories.

Portable battery powered DSP device designed for hearing aid manufacturer, allowing the simulation of advanced noise reduction and filtering strategies. The device’s software is uploadable via infrared communication link from a personal computer. Runs off 9 volt battery.
Cayuga - Automotive Class-D Audio Amp
Developed 100W Class-D (switchmode) audio power amplifier for 2nd tier automotive manufacturer. Bandwidth of 20 Hz to 20 KHz with less than 0.1% THD at full output power.
Automotive Digital headphone amplifier
Developed automotive headphone amplifier for commercial automotive manufacturer. Device de-multiplexed four 16-bit stereo (I2S) audio channels and routed to individual D/A and amplifiers
DSP Bus-Mastering Drivers  
Developed drivers for a Motorola DSP56301 DSP processor to perform bus mastering of the host PC’s PCI bus to allow faster data acquisition for a commercial hearing test product
Custom Signal Processing for Audiological Research
Developed wide variety of signal processing for use in Audiology and physiotherapy research at various universities. Various modules included programmable gain controls (100dB attenuation in 0.1 dB steps, white noise generators, mixers, adders, programmable filters, ultra-quiet power amplifiers.

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