CMSS56 -  Networked DC Motor Speed Sensor

The CMSS56 module measures the speed of a DC electric motor based on the ripple in the motor's supply current.   No physical contact or line of sight is required.

Allows for test of correct installation and/or operation of motor embedded inside the end product. 

Click for advantages of using current to sense motor speed.

The input to the module can be a typical current shunt, Hall effect sensor, or other current measurement device.  The analog inputs to the module are rugged and electrically isolated from the main power supply.  The module has a secondary analog input channel that can be used to measure some other physical property (such as pressure, vibration, voltage) simultaneously. 

Seven digital inputs and seven digital outputs programmable from network interface.

The module is available with DeviceNet, Ethernet, or Profibus interface.

Contact factory for specialty/custom variations of this module to exactly meet your application's requirements. 

(DeviceNet version depicted)

Automotive production test of:    
  Fuel pumps  

(motors embedded in final product where there is no line-of-sight or contact with moving parts.)
  HVAC motors (installed)
  Electric water pumps
  Electric power steering pumps
Production test of:    
Engine Cooling motors/modules Measurement with current results in reduced test fixture costs, reduced test cycle time, reduced test fixture maintenance.
Wiper motors
  Window lift  motors
Power seat motors
  Cordless power tools
Environmental Testing of DC motors. .
  High-temp testing Motor speed measured via current to reduce fixture maintenance due to line-of-sight sensor failures
  Salt-spray testing
Feedback for Motor Speed Control  
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Custom Applications

This module is based on CDA's XX-DSP56 module.  Our engineers can develop your specialty application added to this speed sensor in no time flat.

The hardware module has daughterboard capability on analog input and output, as well as digital I/O expansion capability.  Existing daughter-boards include accelerometer pre-amps and power amplifiers.

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