CRSM1 -  DC Motor Speed Sensor

The CRSM1 module measures the speed of a DC electric motor based on the ripple in the motor's supply current.  

The module's input signal is the voltage across a typical 50 millivolt current shunt. The module provides parallel digital outputs for indicating the measured speed. The module also has an analog output whose voltage is proportional to speed of rotation.

The digital speed output is presented in revolutions per minute (RPM). The analog speed output, varies from 0V to 10V DC according to speed of rotation. Isolated current transmitter output varies from 0-10V. 

The CRSM1 module can be used for advanced motor performance analysis due to its ability to accurately track both speed and current during acceleration from stop to full speed.

Click for advantages of using current to sense motor speed.

Automotive production/performance test of:   Embedded Motors with no accessible moving parts
  Fuel pumps
  HVAC motors (installed)
  Electric water pumps
  Electric power steering pumps
Production test of:   (Embedded Motors with accessible moving parts)
Engine Cooling motors/modules
Wiper motors
  Window lift  motors
Power seat motors
  Cordless power tools (reduced test fixture costs, reduced test cycle time, reduced test fixture maintenance)
Environmental Testing of DC motors. (Where other sensor should not go)
  High-temp testing (for reduced fixture maintenance due to line-of-sight sensor failures)
  Salt-spray testing
Feedback for Motor Speed Control (Fast update provides smooth control)
  (Tachometer, analog or digital outputs feed PID controller)
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