Drowsy Driver Detection    
DSP568XX based automotive data acquisition module and signal conditioning to track the driver's head movements.  This product will soon be released by a US-based firm for the transport trucking industry.    
Crash Test Data Acquisition System    
Developed DSP568xx based data acquisition for high-speed multi-channel data acquisition system used for testing of new automotive crash sensor technologies.  Developed for a US-based automotive company.    
Portable battery powered (DSP563xx-based) DSP device designed for hearing aid manufacturer, allowing the simulation of advanced noise reduction and filtering strategies. The device’s software is uploadable via infrared communication link from a personal computer. Runs off 9 volt battery.
DSP Bus-Mastering Drivers    
Developed drivers for a Motorola DSP56301 DSP processor to perform bus mastering of the host PC to allow faster data acquisition for a commercial hearing testing product
DSP56301 Based Data Acquisition for STD-32 Computer  
Developed DSP56301-based DSP board for STD-32 computer. MOD56TM Modular I/O card (CDA’s proprietary I/O card architecture) contained ultra-high precision 8-channel sampling data acquisition card for commercial armature tester product.
ISA-DSP56301 Board (for ISA Bus)  
Developed DSP56301-based DSP board for ISA bus computer. MOD56TM I/O cards for the DSP base include 8-channel sampling and four-channel Sigma Delta converters.  Developed for several industrial test systems.
Commutation Waveform Analyzer    
DSP-based system analyzes shape of commutation current waveform of brushless motor. Software on DSP card performs analysis of shape of current waveform for every commutation cycle over length of test. Returns statistics of max, min, average for shape measurement as well as statistics on timing. Detects missing and mis-timed commutation cycles. Based on CDA’s ISA-DSP56 card. Developed for large commercial manufacturer of automotive brushless motors.    

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