Time-Domain Average Balance Test  

Enhanced version of CMSS56 motor speed sensor.  Second channel implements time-domain averaging of its input based on motor position.  Resultant measurement on channel 2 cancels out noise that is not synchronous to motor rotation.  Successfully rejects noise conducted into motor/fan system from assembly line.   
Reference calibrator for Laser Vibration measurement system  
Developed reference shaker to calibrate/verify operation functionality of laser interferometers used to test HVAC products.
PWM Generators for brushless motor test stand  
Compact (PLC controlled) PWM generators designed to simulate automobile PWM generators for production test of brushless motors. 
Commutation Waveform analyzer (brushless motor)  
DSP-based system analyzes shape of commutation current waveform of brushless motor. Software on DSP card performs analysis of shape of current waveform for every commutation cycle over length of test. Returns statistics of max, min, average for shape measurement as well as statistics on timing. Detects missing and mis-timed commutation cycles. Based on CDA’s ISA-DSP56 card. Developed for large commercial manufacturer of brushless motors.
Prototype electronics for brushless motor    
Built prototype brushless motors electronics for 1st tier automotive supplier of high-end brushless motors.
DC Hipot Tester  
Developed DC hipot tester for commercial armature tester. DC voltage adjustable in 1V steps up to 4000VDC.
Commutator Weld Resistance measurement  
Developed DSP based armature tester hardware for measurement of coil and weld resistance measurements of DC commutated motors.
Armature Commutator Weld Electrode monitor  
Developed hardware for major motor manufacturer to monitor exact position of weld electrode during welding process. Circuitry detects dirty/damaged weld electrodes and sets alarm.
Motor Run-in Controller  
Developed networked motor run-in controller allowing complicated run-in cycles for automotive HVAC motors. Allowed up to 15-step programs with varied voltage, timing, and ramp-rates
Linear power supplies for life test    
Linear power supplies exhibited less than 10 mV noise driving 35 amperes of current into DC commutated motors.
Magnet Charger control system    
Microprocessor-based board controlled timing and firing of SCRs for manufacture of motors for commercial motor manufacturer

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