Motor Speed Monitoring

CDA Systems' DC motor speed modules measure the speed of a DC electric motor based on the ripple in the motor's supply current.   No physical contact or line of sight is required.

These modules allow for test of correct installation and/or operation of motor embedded inside the end product. 

There are several benefits to utilizing motor current waveforms for speed tracking.  The obvious case is where there is no line of sight to a moving part from which to sense the speed, but there are other reasons:

Advantages of DC Motor Speed Sensing via Motor Current

Basic Connections for CMSS56 Module - DeviceNet Version Depicted
Why CDA's Modules?    
CDA Systems has spent several years perfecting its methods and signal conditioning to work with a wide variety of motors, including motors with nearly no ripple and motors with "ugly" current waveforms due to poor motor design or motor faults... 

CDA's modules can track motor speed during rapid acceleration, re-calculating motor speed on every motor commutation.  This makes them an ideal input sensor for control applications.  It also allows the end user to make performance measurements that cannot be made via FFT analysis, or other frequency-to-voltage systems.

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